Cannabis Club

The new law in South Africa regarding Cannabis gives individuals the freedom to cultivate and consume cannabis in their private capacities.

Creative Soul’s club is a non-profit association of adult individuals, exercising their Constitutional Right to possess, cultivate, consume and share their cannabis in private. Member numbers are limited and members must be older than 21 to apply. Creative Soul provides a cultivation space and growing service to club members for a fee. Products are labelled, and packaged before they are delivered to members home for private consumption.

Should you wish to become a member please complete the online registration here, or send us an email with a copy of your ID and proof of residence to

Club members limited to the Gauteng region.

Cannabis Health

Creative Soul supports medical Cannabis. Cannabis has been regarded as nothing more than a recreational drug for many years, grossly misunderstood and criticized, research was not permitted. With the legalization of Cannabis, more research is being conducted and released daily highlighting the health benefits and new medical formulations with cannabis.