About Us

Creative Soul Sustainable Growth is a proudly South African non-profit company working towards a sustainable future by encouraging, and practicing sustainable health, living, and business principles. We believe in the good of our people, and strive to create change from the ground up addressing poverty through community development, education, and sustainable waste management.


Life coaching is a creative process that stimulates deep internal dialogue to help an individual maximize their potential both professionally and personally. Coaching helps people explore their beliefs, thoughts, values, goals, and aspirations. Assisting change and helping a client determine and build on their strengths, assists them in understanding, overcoming, and growing from their weaknesses, helps them set goals that are achievable, and determine what barriers stand in the way while stimulating motivation for the client to stay focused on goals and take their life to higher heights.

Creative Soul uses in-house modalities based on Quantum Physics and the studies of our universe. Our techniques are revised ancient teachings, modified to todays life situations and challenges, making it easy to adopt and very effective in facilitating change, and creating balance.


The new law in South Africa regarding Cannabis gives individuals the freedom to cultivate and consume cannabis in their private capacities. This has allowed for a new market of cultivation suppliers and specialists to appear however, although it seems simple enough to grow a cannabis plant free from pests, mold, and seeds, one soon finds out it is an art all on its own.

Member numbers are limited and members must be older than 21 to apply. Should you wish to become a member please complete the application process here. Right of admission reserved.


Nature, natural, and natural products are the most sustainable form of medication around. Ancient advance civilizations used herbs, oils, and sound to heal the body from all sorts of ailments and disease. Incorporating a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, and positive mind patters into your daily life, have been proven to support individuals fully restore their health from cancer, lengthen telomeres – where the shortening thereof is one of the main causes of aging, and brings about feelings of fulfillment, happiness, and purpose.

Creative Soul supports the medical use of Cannabis. Cannabis has been regarded as nothing more than a recreational drug for many years, grossly misunderstood and criticized, research was not permitted. With the legalization of Cannabis, more research is being conducted and released daily highlighting the health benefits and new medical formulations with cannabis.