Delta-9 club members agreement, terms, rules, and regulations.

I, as a Delta-9 club member accept and will adhere to the terms, rules and regulations as set out below.

    1. As a member, I enlist the cultivation services of Creative Soul (CS) through Delta-9 club to cultivate cannabis on my behalf, for my own personal use at home,
    1. CS uses their own cultivation style and processes, and I as members have no active say on cultivation procedures and fully entrust CS with the process.
    1. I acknowledge that CS leases their expertise and secure facility to Delta-9 club members for a fee,
    1. CS ensures that the cultivation facility adheres to strict health and security requirements and no on-site visits are allowed.
    • I as a Delta-9 members will not be in possession of more than 100g dried cannabis or 1000mg of THC products at any given time at home,
    • Nor shall I as member carry more than 5g dried cannabis or 10mg THC product with me at a time,
    • I as member will store my cannabis in an air tight glass container, locked away in a safe place where minors/children are unable to get to it.
    • Cannabis products obtained will only be used by the registered Delta-9 member,
    • I as member I will limit my cannabis use to my private residence, or holiday home,
    • I as member will not consume or use cannabis in front of minors or children,
    • I as member promise to always consume/use Cannabis responsibly.
    • Members may not use the Delta-9 club and club facilities to enrich themselves in any way or form,
    • Cannabis and cannabis products received from the club may not be sold or distributed for any sort of financial gains,
    • Member will not hold memberships at more than two cultivator clubs at a time and will not exceed the prescribed quantities on hand as above at any moment,
    • Any member that fails to comply to club terms, rules and regulations will have their membership revoked and access terminated,
    • Memberships terms, rules and regulations will be updated regularly, without notice, members must check for changes timeously,
    • Memberships may be terminated without notice by the member or club,
    • Terminated members need to re-apply for access.
    • Delta-9 club reserves the right to report any unfavourable behaviour to SAPS for investigation to ensure all club members safety,
    • Delta-9 club reserves the right to deny any individuals access or membership and memberships may be terminated without notice or justification.