Creative Soul Sustainable Living

Sustainability is key for future survival however, apart from having an outdated waste management process, nearly half the adult population of South Africa lives in poverty.

Rural areas have the highest poverty concentration driving increased rural-to-urban migration. Increased urbanisation is a contributing factor to the growth of informal settlements due to a lack in affordable housing supply to meet the demand, particularly in areas well-located in terms of job opportunities and public facilities. Despite having constitutional rights to shelter and dignity, the most vulnerable South Africans have little to no access to adequate shelter, let alone decent housing, and are forced to endure undignified conditions in overcrowded and unsanitary informal settlements.

By utilising the opportunities available in the waste industry, Creative Soul aims to improve the lives of these vulnerable South Africans by developing integrated communities through the construction of new waste management facilities, sustainable affordable housing developments, and financially supporting community-based green SME sustainable businesses. By achieving this aim, we contribute to social upliftment, economic growth, and a decrease in our environmental impact.

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