Creative Soul Sustainable Living

Sustainable construction project management and waste recovery solutions are our daily practice. Let us manage your project from start to finish, you want it, we do it. We are passionate about sustainable waste management and building high-quality, modern green sustainable homes that yield a lighter carbon footprint and greener finish than traditional ways.

Creative Soul offers project management from idea to completion handling all aspects of design, construction, and statutory compliance. With over 20 years construction project management experience we have the knowledge and proficiency to ensure project success.

‘Lowering our overall impact on the environment is a team effort, and like a ripple effect, a little from each of us can go a long way when it comes to helping out.  The place where we can start making change is, the one we know best—our homes.’ -Christina Huynh

Services include the following:

  • Sustainable construction management
  • Recycling station design and setup
  • Site cleaning and waste recovery
  • Energy efficiency calculation and design
  • Insulation and HVAC – Heating and cooling
  • Green energy – Solar / Generator
  • Indoor cultivation design and implementation

Sustainability is the future and each one of us can make a difference by supporting sustainable living practises in business and at home.

Make sustainable changes, request a consultation and find out how you can make a difference.

We are a non profit working towards the elimination of unsustainable waste solutions, revenue generated funds our Waste Management Facilities. For more information click HERE.

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