Functional Space Design

Being organised is a must for today’s busy lifestyles. Getting organised is a challenge. De-cluttering and sorting out your space regularly, allows a fresh flow of energy through the area and helps you manage daily task more efficiently.

Organising your space, can be a daunting task. Creative Soul is a dedicated team of sisters, meticulous about detail, who understand how stressful parenting, working, and building a life can be. We have the expertise and knowledge to create beautiful spaces in your home, office, or studio. From cooking, and baking, to art rooms, home offices, or corporate layouts.    

Need some help to move, set-up, or declutter and organise?

Services include:
  • Packing things into or out of moving boxes
  • Decluttering and sorting things into categories
  • Design and set-up functional space for everyday use
  • Sort and pack things in easy display containers
  • Re-organise spaces, touch-ups
  • Light handy man, built in cupboards and shelves.
How does it work:
  • Book a consultation
  • Receive and estimate on time and products required
  • Schedule your service
  • Transform your space

Don’t let the clutter get you down, call today for a free, no obligation quote and get organised. WhatsApp / Call us on 076 565 5856 to discuss your needs and book a consultation.