Thank you for your interest in joining the DELTA-9 club. Please complete the following application form, and attach the required documentation for review.
First delivery must be accepted by the new registered member in person. Membership is currently limited to individuals residing in the Gauteng area.
Please complete the following:
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I herewith confirm that I am; 21 or over the age of 21, of sane body and mind, aware of and understand the fundamentals of cannabis and cannabis use, unable to cultivate cannabis for myself and my family in my private capacity and therefore, 

enlist the services of Creative Soul, as part of the Delta-9 club, to cultivate cannabis on my behalf in an indoor facility rented by the club and paid for as part of the member’s fee. I agree to adhere to all members terms, rules, and regulations, and know that my membership will be revoked without notice should I fail to do so. I understand that selling cannabis and cannabis products are a criminal offence and will not use the club facilities to cultivate for resale.   

Creative Soul ensures customer privacy and will not divulge any information to any person, business, entity or 3rd party without high court judgement to do so. For privacy terms and conditions, and members terms, rules, and regulations, please click the links below.
Click here to read the Delta-9 club members agreement, terms, and regulations.
Click here to read privacy terms, and regulations.